Last modified: October 01, 2022


Under the new Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) starting 25 May 2018 we need a Legal Basis to be able to process your Personal Information. One of the Legal Bases that we rely on to process your data is ’Legitimate Interest’. Which means that we can choose to process your personal information if:

• We have a genuine and legitimate reason and we are not harming any of your rights and/or interests.

When you provide us with your personal details – we only use that information for our legitimate business interest to be able to carry out our work for You!

We use your personal information for

Preventing Fraud: We may process your information to protect you against fraud when transacting on our website, and to ensure our websites and systems are secure.

Direct Marketing: We may process your information in our marketing channels to supply you with relevant information about our products, and to give you a broader knowledge of our industry in the form of newsletters and/or case studies etc.

Ordering our Products: We process your information when you place an order for any of our products, to be able to send you what you have ordered and to have somewhere to send the invoice for the order, all in your interest.

Product Support: We process your information to be able to offer product support for products you have ordered from us.

Personalization: Processing may in some cases help us to enhance, modify or personalize or otherwise improve our products and/or services and communications for the benefit or our customers.

Analytics: On aggregated basis we use data to improve what you see, and what type of marketing you receive. We want our customers to be able to receive as relevant information as possible as long as this does not harm any of your rights and interests.

What are your rights

Right to be informed: Transparency over how we use your personal information.
Right of access: Request a copy of the information we hold about you.
Right of rectification: Update or amend the information we hold about you.
Right to restrict processing: As us to stop using your information.
Right to be forgotten: Ask us to remove your personal information.
Right to object: Object to the processing of your information for marketing purposes.
Right to data portability: Obtain and reuse your personal data for your own purposes.

Learn more about GDPR

Remember! You can change the way you hear from us, or withdraw your permission for us to process your personal data at any time.

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