AR13.1 – Automatic rebroadcast station set

Tactical communication, Military, Defence, Naval, Air Force

Set consists of AR13.1 rebroadcast station (with ZV13.1 amplifier) and accessories. The AR13.1 automatic rebroadcasting station, in stationary or mobile assemblies, is designed to automatically rebroadcast signals, increasing operating range of #RF13# and RF1301 transceiver radio networks in the entire frequency range and in all operating modes, with RF20 and RF2050 transceivers on fixed frequency in 30.000 MHz to 87.975 MHz frequency range. For more details on AR13.1 automatic rebroadcast station and other set components see relevant pages of this website.

PN (RN): 2018.000.62

AR13.1 operating instructions2018.010.52
RF13 operating instructions2000.010.02
RF1350 operating instructions2011.010.02
MD13.2 operating instructions2025.010.72