AR20 – Automatic rebroadcast station set

Tactical communication, Military, Defence, Naval, Air Force

Set consists of RF2050 EPM transceivers, RU20 rebroadcast unit and accessories.

The AR20 automatic rebroadcast station is a device allowing automatic rebroadcasting in fixed frequency operation modes of transceivers meeting the requirements of STANAG 4204 standard. In this operation mode, simplex and semi-duplex automatic rebroadcasting is possible between RF20 and RF2050 transceivers. The automatic rebroadcast station also allows rebroadcasting between RF20 and RF2050 series transceivers in all frequency hopping modes of operation.

At fixed frequency, encrypted voice communication rebroadcasting is possible in addition to voice communication rebroadcasting. Rebroadcasting of short code FLASH messages is available in both open and encrypted voice modes. The AR20 also features data rebroadcasting according to MIL-STD-188-220 standard.

Services are available in all frequency hopping operation modes: FH network synchronization, FH network late entry, opposite transceiver authentication, sending and reception of text messages, sending and reception of ALERT alerts, sending of BREAK IN broadcasting termination request and data transmission.

Terminal transceivers can use the AR20 to mediate mutual communication in a local radio network, provided the AR20 is within their range. Local radio networks can be mutually connected. A typical use is to increase the practical range of terminal transceivers with the repeater operating on top of an elevated location in rugged terrain.

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PN (RN): 2315.000.02

RF2050 operating instructions2310.010.12
RF2050 short operating instructions2310.011.12
AR20 operating instructions2315.010.02