Automatic gates and doors


Swing gate automation

The wide range of automations for swing gates includes linear actuators, articulated arm gearmotors and underground gearmotors. In addition, QUIKO linear actuators are available in both electromechanical and hydraulic versions.

The QUIKO swing gate automation includes a handy manual unlocking system to move the gate manually in case of power failure; In low voltage versions the problem of power failure can be solved via the backup battery system available optionally. Each QUIKO swing gate motor is available both in the “motor only” version and in the “swing gate automation kit” ready to install.

Depending on the weight and length of the gate you want to automate, consult our catalog and choose from the series of automations for swing gates EON, NEO, ROTELLO, HYDRO, SPIDER, SCARABEO and SUB the automatic swing gate motor that meets your needs.

Automatic barriers and rising bollards

Designed to automate and protect: this is the motto that QUIKO has used to create the new ICARUS, PARKY and CENTURION product lines. Each of them has a specific function in the management and automation of car parks and urban areas.

ICARUS is a complete range of automatic barriers, including fast and intensive-use barriers. The buffer battery system, available for low-voltage automatic road barriers, allows the automation to operate even in the absence of electricity. Although ICARUS also performs a protective function, the real security barrier to protect buildings against terrorist attacks or unwanted visitors is represented by CENTURION, the latest series of parking bollards branded QUIKO.

Retractable parking bollards therefore represent a real barrier of protection. Each of our parking bollards has been designed to withstand high impact forces as well as the elements in all weather conditions.

Last but not least, we have PARKY KIT, the complete and professional range of automations for parking: items such as automatic cash machine, ticket machines for issuing the incoming ticket and ticket machines for issuing the ticket at the exit are only some of the hundreds of solutions that QUIKO offers for the creation of automations for ad hoc parking lots.

Automatic barriers and rising bollards

FALCON is the revolutionary license plate recognition system from QUIKO allowing to control an automatic gate or barrier simply approaching it with an authorized car. The system is composed by two main components: a computer including license plate management software and a special camera.

The way it works is very simple; after initial setup the computer memorizes the license plates which are allowed to control a specific gate so that, when the vehicle approaches the special camera within a maximum distance of 5 meters and the license plate is recognized, the gate opens. QK-FLC1, QK-FLC2, QK-FLC3 and QK-FLC4 are computers allowing, respectively, the control of 1,2,3 and 4 different entrances. QK-FLCCAM is the special camera to be connected to one of the mentioned computers. Each different channel of the computer requires a different QK-FLCCAM. The optional QK-FLCSW software is indicated for those installations where more than 4 different entrances need to be handled and it stands as a supervision software for more license plate recognition computers.

FALCON is fully compatible with both QUIKO and preexisting automations and is particularly recommended where maximum security is required. For a correct operation it is necessary that the license plate is reflecting type.

LIBRA innovative state-of-the-art opening system

LIBRA is the innovative state-of-the-art opening system from QUIKO that allows you to activate an automation without the use of remote controls but simply by using your smartphone. This way the user won’t have to worry about forgetting their remote control. The system is very compact as it is simply composed of the QK-LIB50 device which is placed near the automation. During installation, the user will copy the Rolling – Code radio code of the radio control (maximum safety and invulnerability of the system are guaranteed) into the LIBRA device using the dedicated App. The signal transmitted by the device will then be stored as a normal remote control in the control unit. When the user, through the application, sends an activation impulse, the device will in turn send the signal to the automation starting it. The system can be installed quickly and easily, it can manage up to 4 automations and a maximum of 50 users. LIBRA is compatible both with QUIKO automatisms and with those of other brands.