Communication solution for Public Transport

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Waiting times or lack of information annoy passengers and negatively affect the service experience. It can also affect the safety of both passengers and employees. The focus is therefore on ensuring a high level of information within the transport sector. Ultimately, it is about ensuring optimal communication in the event of a crisis.
A high level of information and security requires a stable communication system
IHM’s radio communication systems are based on a TETRA solution that is reliable and easy to operate. It is possible to communicate both directly to groups and individuals. It is also possible to communicate between groups and individuals, which is relevant when communicating e.g. traffic delays. The operator in the control room can then communicate the delay via loudspeakers or information screens.

In emergency situations such as assaults on staff, violent clashes between passengers, sudden illness, unwellness, etc., a simple operation ensures that staff only have to press a red alarm button on the radio, after which assistance to the accident victim is put into action.

The communication solution includes:
Two-way communication with groups and one-to-one communication
Status registration (SINE)
Compatibility with TETRA, including coordination of efforts with emergency services, ambulances and police
Visual overview of the geographical position of the individual radios
Connection to announcement systems via loudspeakers
Automatic logging of calls
Redundancy (backup) with double server and duplicated system with mutual update
IHM offers several solutions, large and small, that can all be scaled up and down and adapted to your specific needs. The solutions include e.g. IHM CAD, IHM VCS