Communication solutions

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Communication solution for Airports

The control room solutions and radio and telephone systems ensures state-of-the-art communication solutions for airports. We supplies professional call-out solutions that send information to airport personnel quickly and effectively. Information can be communicated to individuals or pre-defined groups.

Communication solution for Maritime

Most maritime control centres around the world are observing increasing traffic in ports, on rivers and within national maritime borders. Stricter international environmental requirements, together with search and rescue operations, are increasing demands on communication systems for both ports and coastguards.


Communication solution for Public Safety

The public safety sector management is undergoing change. Several public sector services have been merged to improve efficiency and achieve savings.
One of the biggest challenges facing public safety sector management is the need to handle the same tasks as before, while covering a larger area with fewer staff, smaller budgets and less equipment.

Communication solution for Public Transport

When there are critical incidents in the transport sector, such as accidents, assault or fire, it is vital that information is communicated fast and operations are effective. This applies equally to trains and buses, on the metro, subway or underground and at the airport. Consequently, the sector is subject to strict requirements for establishing reliable communications and its own emergency management for critical incidents. The fact that effective communication improves the level of service to passengers is an added bonus.

Tactical communication, Military, Defence, Naval, Air Force

Communication solution for Offshore/Oil & Gas

Operating oil rigs is an expensive and risky business. And the offshore industry is always on the look-out for innovative solutions to reduce costs without compromising on safety. Smart communication solutions that integrate a variety of systems are an attractive option.

Communication solution for Utilities

Reliable emergency preparedness planning prepares the electricity and gas sector to handle major incidents and threats to utilities
The electricity and gas sector is a vital part of society’s infrastructure. For this reason, it must comply with legislation on emergency management and planning.

Tactical communication, Military, Defence, Naval, Air Force
Tactical communication, Military, Defence, Naval, Air Force

Communication solution for Industry

An ever increasing number of companies now focus on emergency management, not least those in industries with considerable risk of harm to personnel and equipment. The industrial sector needs complete solutions that ensure fast action.

Communication solution for Prisons

Intelligent solution localises mobile telephones
We solves the problem with an intelligent solution. Instead of preventing mobile phones in prisons, Marcom’s solution tracks the position of the mobile and jams the signal so that it is impossible to send and receive signals within a defined area.

Tactical communication, Military, Defence, Naval, Air Force
Tactical communication, Military, Defence, Naval, Air Force

Communication solution for Hospitals

Saving people’s lives depends on giving the right treatment, but it is also crucial that help arrives fast, both at the scene of the accident and at the hospital’s accident and emergency department. Effective communication between ambulance personnel, paramedics and A&E can save precious time.