Counter UAV/UAS Platform

EO Positioning: By utilising harmonic drive gears, the Jaegar platform is capable of providing high speed as well as pinpoint accurate EO positioning. As with all of our platforms, the Jaegar can provide absolute positional feedback from both the pan and tilt and EO payloads.

Detection: The Jaegar PT platform has been specifically developed for integration with third-party Radar or RF-based detection systems. In addition, the through-shaft allows for the integration of these capabilities to be fully combined onto the EO system. By mounting the detection capability this way the Jaegar platform is able to provide continuous, uninterrupted, 360° target tracking.

Tracking: The platform offers a fused-tracking capability utilising information from a Radar track. This is paired with a hardware-based video tracker to ensure smooth and reliable tracking at all ranges and speeds. Other features include centroid and edge measurement.

Classification: The auto-classification capability adds an additional layer of target intelligence. This allows drone targets to be positively discriminated from other airborne clutter such as aircraft and birds.

Identification: Due to the highly modular format of the Jaegar platform, a wide range of EO sensors are available for integration. These sensors include HD lowlight video, MWIR and LWIR thermal detectors, as well as SWIR sensors. These can be configured to match both performance and budget requirements.

Mitigation: The optional effecting/jamming capability allows the user to selectively deny control, video, or GPS (or combination). Additionally, the user can trigger behaviour such as ‘freezing’ the drone in place, returning the drone to the controller or forcing the drone to land safely. A range of “soft kill” mitigation add-ons can also provide a useful deterrent when jamming is not able to be used. These options include a long range laser dazzler and white light illumination device. These can act as both a deterrent and can also provide useful target designation capabilities.

– Uncooled (LWIR) thermal camera with up to a 150mm zoom lens

– HD 30:1 visible camera

– Wiper

Capable of offering human detection up to 3.29km and vehicle detection up to 10.1km.

– LWIR zoom lenses up to 20-300mm
– Push autofocus as standard
– 12μm pixel pitch
– 640×512, 1024×768 (XGA) or 1280×1024 (HD) resolutions
– Paired with a 500mm or 1000mm HD visible sensor
Thermal human detection up to 9.3km and vehicle detection up to 28.7km.

– Cooled (MWIR) thermal with up to a 900mm zoom lens
– HD visible camera with a 60:1, 16.7-1000mm (33.4 2000mm with the 2x extender) lens
– Wiper
Capable of offering human detection up to 24.17km and vehicle detection up 31.17km.

– Cooled HD thermal with a 80-960mm zoom lens
– HD visible camera with a 60:1, 16.7-1000mm (33.4 2000mm with the 2x extender) lens
– Wiper
Capable of offering human detection up to 30.30km and vehicle detection up 50.00km.