DICOM®RF40 handheld transceiver

DICOM®RF40 handheld transceiver

The multiband handheld transceiver is at the heart of the RF40 Thoroughbred system. It provides high-speed data transfers and multi-channel approach while maintaining backward compatibility with other radio systems.

This multi-band transceiver allows secure data and voice communication in VHF and UHF bands.

Its main features are:

  • excellent RF parameters
  • efficient use of available frequency spectrum
  • high data throughput even in low VHF band
  • voice and data transmission in true MANET network
  • two independent voice connections along with parallel data transmission in one channel
  • connectable Mission Module forming a second physical radio channel with tactical Ethernet for broadband data and voice
  • optional SATCOM-on-the-move module
  • vehicular amplifier with “jerk-and-run” system
Tactical communication, Military, Defence, Naval, Air Force

RF40 – transceiver full of waveforms

  • WF40 – native RF40 system waveform based on MANET technology.
  • HW20 – RF20 system waveform utilizing frequency hopping (FH), with backward compatibility.
  • LOS – communication at a fixed frequency with frequency and amplitude modulation (STANAG 4204/4205).

WF40 - true MANET waveform

  • Communication using WF40 waveform takes place in a true Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking (MANET) type of network – a network that is maintained automatically with no central node.
  • Each transceiver in the network is capable of automatic rebroadcasting of voice (5 hops) and IP data (7 hops).
  • Up to 20 users may operate in a WF40 network.
Tactical communication, Military, Defence, Naval, Air Force
Tactical communication, Military, Defence, Naval, Air Force

WF40 - operation in the VHF/UHF

  • Bandwidth saving channel of 250 kHz.
  • Transmission speed of the user data is up to 270 kbit/s for UDP packets.
  • Two independent voice connections may operate in one frequency channel along with parallel data transfer.
  • For voice encoding, MELP type vocoder with a transmission rate of 2.4 kbit/s is used.
  • Information in radio transmission is secured by COMSEC technology using AES block cipher with 256 bit key length.

Navigation data - Blue Force Tracking

The transceiver is equipped with a built-in GPS, GLONASS and Galileo navigation receiver. On the background of normal communication, positional location information (PLI) of all radio nodes are broadcast. Consequently, the data can be displayed in Battle Management Systems (BMS).

Tactical communication, Military, Defence, Naval, Air Force
Tactical communication, Military, Defence, Naval, Air Force

Multichannel designs

RF40 transceiver and Mission Module

Mission Module is a device that easily connects to the transceiver and works as … for example, as a second wideband radio, encryption module or a satellite communication device. Exactly according to the chosen configuration for the particular deployment. MM40WR version is equipped with a broadband transceiver, offering:

  • operation in L-band and S-band,
  • MANET network technology with an unlimited number of participants,
  • voice communication across multiple virtual channels (up to 16),
  • data transmission capacity of tens of megabits according to the selected channel bandwidth (5 MHz to 40 MHz),
  • operation security using AES block cipher with 256 bit key length.
Tactical communication, Military, Defence, Naval, Air Force

Technical parameters

Frequency range  30 MHz to 512 MHz
  Modulation  FM, AM, CPM
  Transmission power  5 W/10 W burst
  Channel bandwidth  25 kHz, 250 kHz
  Waveforms  LOS FM/AM (STANAG 4204/4205)
  WF40 (V/UHF MANET WF, IP data)
  HW20 (VHF EPM WF, IP data according
to MIL-STD-188-220)
  Communication encryption  AES, key length up to 384 bits
  GNSS receiver  built in (GPS/Glonass/Galileo)
  Data interfaces  Ethernet, USB, Serial
  Mechanical and climatic resistance, EMC
  Dimensions including battery pack  74 mm x 202 mm x 41 mm
  Weight including battery pack  0.9 kg
  Operating temperature range  -30 °C to +70 °C
  MIL-STD-810F  low/high temperature, humidity,
low pressure, waterproof up to 1 m,
ice/freezing rain, salt fog, sand and dust,
vibration, shock, falls
  MIL-STD-461F  CE102, CS101, CS114, RE102, RS103