DICOM®RF40 radio system


The “RF40 Thoroughbred” radio system is a versatile system that allows secure data and voice communication in 30 MHz to 512 MHz frequency band.

The third and most recent comprehensive tactical communication system adds MANET broadband networks for VHF and UHF bandwidth, wide frequency range, satellite navigation using three GNSS systems (GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS), multichannel operation and the concept of Mission Modules to the proven qualities of its predecessors. The core of the system consists in the “RF40 Thoroughbred” handheld multiband transceiver, which can be supplemented with the VA40 compact amplifier and thus form a vehicular set.

Key features of DICOM®RF40 system
Secure and reliable communication
MANET – network for data and voice communication, AES-256. Frequency hopping networks – TRANSEC/COMSEC.
Variety of waveforms
FM/AM (STANAG 4204/4205), WF40 (V/UHF MANET WF, IP data), HW20 voice and data backward compatibility.
Data transfers
MANET high-speed data transfer network, by default in 250 kHz channel width and a maximum speed of up to 270 kbit/s, with optional channel width up to 40 MHz and capacity in dozens of megabits (Mission Module). Data Transfer in HW20 mode according to MIL-STD-188-220 with rebroadcasting option.
Built-in GNSS receiver for GPS, Glonass and Galileo systems with automatic despatch of positional reports (PLI) on the background of voice or data communication – G-Track system.
Mission Module
Expands the radio features according to actual mission needs. Open platform for installation of custom specific devices of different types.
Fully fledged MANET network capable of automatic multiple rebroadcasting of voice and data.

DICOM®RF40 handheld transceiver

The multiband handheld transceiver is the core of the DICOM®RF40 Thoroughbred system. It operates in the frequency range from 30 to 512 MHz with power of up to 10 W. In addition to the existing RF13 and RF20 waveforms, it brings a brand new WF40 true-MANET waveform. This allows you to use broadband data transmission and simultaneous communication in multiple channels. After connecting the optional Mission Module, which includes a broadband module operating in the L-band and S-band, the RF40 becomes a fully fledged two-channel handheld radio.

DICOM®RF4050 vehicular radio

By combining the DICOM®VA40 amplifier with the DICOM®RF40 handheld transceiver you create the RF4050 vehicular radio. It is so designed that the handheld transceiver is easily removable (Jerk and Run) and can be used, if necessary, as a portable. MM40WR Mission Module can be connected.

DICOM®RF4050 operating features include:

increased RF40 output power to 50 W,
compact and robust design suitable for wheeled and tracked vehicles,
Jerk and Run support,
interface for connection to the vehicle’s intercom,
12 VDC or 24 VDC power supply,
optionally up to two co-site filters (30 MHz to 90 MHz and UHF band),
optional WaveRelay technology amplifier module.


DICOM®RF40 system responds to the changing requirements of contemporary battlefield with a wide range of configuration options. Connectable Mission Module effectively extends the operating characteristics of the transceiver (two-channel solution). RF40 comes with advanced LiIon battery packs, vehicle, stationary and personal chargers for safe and reliable charging, efficient narrowband and broadband antennas and various kinds of audio accessories. A fill gun is used for fast programming.