Efficient radio communication is crucial for smooth and streamlined coordination of incidents and activities. IHM’s stand-alone communication system IHM IP FLEXIBLE is a Plug ‘N’ Play standard solution for controling multiple and various types of radio units locally or remotely.
The solution is designed for land and maritime organisations and enable up to 32 connections implying a free mix of number of operators and radios.
Small and medium size administrations often have the same needs as bigger administrations in terms of functionality. Often they are left to choose between an expensive customised solution or a big and complex solution with too many features.

Safe and efficient communication
IHM IP FLEXIBLE communication system is a PLUG ‘N’ Play solution designed for handling of multiple radios and ensuring flexibility in the system’s features. The solution is available in 3 versions: IHM IP Flexible Basic, Small og Medium.

The IHM IP FLEXIBLE enables operation centres to remote control various types of radio transceivers (UHF,VHF, MF/HF, TETRA, MOTOTRBO) installed locally or remotely via VoIP. Simultaneous communication on several radio channels is possible, too – and without risking any interference between these. Please check here for an overview of interfaces for types of radios and base stations the solution supports.

Easy to install and easy to use
The simple and user-friendly operator GUI developed in cooperation with users ensures increased security during high-stress situations. This and a range of optional features ensure an efficient communication.

IHM IP FLEXIBLE is easy to install due to an embedded start-up program. After entering the types of radios, the system is up and running within minutes.

IHM IP FLEXIBLE enables the following features:

Two-way stand alone communication system
Radio coverage for larger geografical areas
Group communication
PC based control of remote base stations
Push-to-talk feature
Flexible configuration
Service agreement with 24/7/365 support

Technical features

From 1 operator
10,1”, 15,6” or 22” PC solution with touch function
Standardised IHM software for maritime systems (GMDSS compliant)
Remote operation of radios (e.g. SAILOR 6000 and 7000 series)
Remote operation via IP Interface
Interface for RTP Voice Logging Recorder
Automatic logging of calls
Interface for MSI, optional
Interface for ATIS, optional
Interface for DSC, optional