MF/HF Digital Receiver RX-630-A

MF/HF Digital Receiver RX-630-A

The digital receiver model RX-630-A uses the most advanced technique in digital technology and it is completely controlled by RS-232-C or Ethernet.

Adaptive digital noise suppressor.

Manual AGC to place reception threshold according to band noise..

Squelch for communication signal recognition on the channel.

Optimal for working in ROIP networks.

Military, Defence, Naval, Utilities, Air Force, VEHICLE AND MOBILE SURVEILLANCE, Police, SECURITY AND POLICING, Airport, Aviation, Air

Frequency range: 100KHz to 30MHz (1Hz resolution)
Total Remote Control: Through RS-232-C or Ethernet
AGC: Automatic or manual
Scanner: Programmable for the user
Reception modes: USB, LSB, A3E, H3E, J2A, A1A, F1B and ISB
Completely digital
Touch Screen 7″
Control (touch or mouse)
USB available (2)
Frontal RF level indicator (analogic and digital)
Drop-down menus on the screen