Radar processing


Thruput manufacture radar data processing components for use in recording and wind farm clutter mitigation solutions, as well as the custom hardware environment for the EUROCONTROL CIMACT system.
High reliability
Minimum heat output
Minimum power consumption
Silent operation
Compatibility with ASTERIX radar data formats


CalibrateOffset Radar test targetsIn this case the unit is in parallel to the forward path of the data, so it has no impact on any existing equipment.On receipt of the SSR monitor target message, its position is sampled. If correct, the test target message is re-generated with an offset in range and bearing, to bring it within the visible ATC display area.GF RADIX RCAL
CombineASTERIXASTERIXMultiple inbound radars copied and combined using OR gates based on user defined geographic areas. Data output has new SIC and SAC codes.GF RADIX RDFC
ConcentrateASTERIXASTERIXMultiple inbound radars concentrated onto a single LAN or serial output, whilst maintaining channel identity.GF RADIX RDFC
ConvertSerialANDFor each inbound radar, the unit will unwrap and reformat each packet of data. The system supports:

  • Serial to LAN conversion
  • LAN to serial conversion
MitigateASTERIXASTERIXAn inbound radar is copied and sampled to identify and remove clutter targets arising within user defined geographic areas, whilst leaving valid targets unaffected. The data output has new SIC and SAC codes.GF RADIX DCMS
RenderASTERIX Radar dataMultiple inbound radars concentrated onto a single display screen, and rendered with a local airspace map. Because the solution is purely hardware, it is intended for a straightforward passage through the SARG safety case approvals process.The unit is controlled from a simple console-mounted panel, in which user commands are selected by physical push button or rotary switches.GF RADIX RDS
RenderASTERIX Radar dataThe Eurocontrol CIMACT hardware environment is based on Customised COTS (C.COTS) components. All candidate components are individually tested within the CIMACT reference system to ensure compatibility with the applicable CIMACT software release. Successful components are included in the approved parts list.A rolling obsolescence management programme ensures the availability of component suites to support existing CIMACT installations and enable the build of new systems.EUROCONTROL CIMACT
SplitASTERIX Radar dataAn inbound radar data stream can be copied and output with new SIC and SAC codesGF RADIX RDFC