RF1305 – Mobile set for patrol vehicles

Tactical communication, Military, Defence, Naval, Air Force

Set consists of RF13 transceiver, DM13 mobile extension and accessories. The set is intended for quick installment in vehicles, particularly in cars. It provides all operating features of the RF13 portable transceiver. The mobile accessory enables power supply from 27 V or 12 V on-board mains, charging of the battery pack and loud monitoring of the received signal. When installed in other types of vehicles, it is necessary to use a frame with the DM13 accessory. The set may be run outside the vehicle as well, with power supply coming from a rechargeable battery pack. For more details on RF13 transceiver, DM13 mobile extension and other set components see relevant pages of this website.

PN (RN): 7005.000.02

• RF13 transceiver display backlight with DM13 power supply from on-board mains
• Power supply to RF13 transceiver from DM13
• Indicates connection to on-board mains, indicates starting of loud monitoring
• Charging of RF13.1 battery pack and switching to trickle charging
• Automatic disconnecting of loud monitoring when the RF13 transceiver is switched off
• Transceiver may be run outside the vehicle

Frequency range30.000 MHz to 87.975 MHz
Input impedance50 Ω
Output impedance50 Ω
Channel spacing25 kHz
Number of channels2320
Channel selectionfrom transceiver keyboard or handset
Operating modessimplex or semiduplex telephony or data transmission to 16 kbit/s
Voice encryptionthrough internal digital scrambler or built-in EU13.1 encryption card
ModulationFM, max. deviation 5.6 kHz
RF power output5 W nominal, 0.2 W reduced
Receiver sensitivitybetter than 0.5 µV at 12 dB SINAD
Effectively transmitted frequencies range
narrow band300 Hz to 3400 Hz
wide band150 Hz to 9000 Hz
Modulation signal level for 4 kHz frequency deviation100 mV for F3 operation
400 mV for data
AF amplifier output1 W in loudspeaker with impedance 6 Ω
AF frequency range300 Hz to 3000 Hz in 6 dB range
Power supply voltage10 V to 33 V
Maximal current consumptionmax. 4.5 A at 12 V power supply voltage
max. 2.0 A at 27 V power supply voltage
Charging current400 mA ± 50 mA
Trickle current30 mA ± 15 mA
Operating temperature-30 °C to +60 °C
Set weightmax. 11 kg
RF13 operating instructions2000.010.02
RF13 brief operating instructions2000.011.02
DM13 operating instructions7005.010.02