RF2350 – EPM mobile transceiver set

Tactical communication, Military, Defence, Naval, Air Force

Set consists of RF2350 EPM mobile transceiver (without co-site filter) and accessories.

RF2350 mobile multiband transceiver with increased resistance against radio-electronic warfare is intended for installation in all tracked and wheeled vehicles and base stations. It is fully compatible with RF20, RF23 and RF2050 in simplex and semi-duplex frequency hopping channel. Depending on the selected frequency band, the transceiver communicates with older RF13 radio system transceivers and with other transceivers complying with STANAG 4204. The transceiver secures data communication in fixed frequency channels according to MIL-STD-188-220 standard (NET modem). Two types of modem can be used for data transmission in frequency hopping channels – P2P and NET. RF2350 transceiver includes a navigation receiver displaying navigation data on a display and transmitting the GPS data via frequency hopping radio channel using G-track service.The transceiver features one U-229/U audio frequency connector (complying with MIL-DTL-55116 standard) to connect standard headsets. Various acoustic devices such as SONETRONICS, CJ COMPONENT PRODUCTS, POWER TIME etc. can be connected to the connector.

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PN (RN): 2310.000.43

RF2350 operating instructions2310.010.42
RF2350 short operating instructions2310.011.42