RF40 – Handheld transceiver

RF40 - Handheld transceiver

The “RF40 Thoroughbred” radio system is a versatile system that allows secure data and voice communication in 30 MHz to 512 MHz frequency band.

The third and most recent comprehensive tactical communication system adds MANET broadband networks for VHF and UHF bandwidth, wide frequency range, satellite navigation using three GNSS systems (GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS), multichannel operation and the concept of Mission Modules to the proven qualities of its predecessors. The core of the system consists in the “RF40 Thoroughbred” handheld multiband transceiver, which can be supplemented with the VA40 compact amplifier and thus form a vehicular set.

The RF40 Thoroughbred Radio System is a versatile system for secure tactical radio data and voice communication in VHF and UHF bands.

Its main features are:

  • excellent RF parameters
  • efficient utilization of the available frequency spectrum
  • high data rate throughput even in low VHF band
  • voice and data true MANET capabilities
  • dual voice stream with data in one channel
  • second physical radio channel with tactical Ethernet broadband data/voice Mission Module
  • optional SATCOM-on-the-move communication module
  • vehicular amplifier with jerk-and-run capability of the handheld radio

PN (RN): 2400.100.01

• multi-channel radio system
• simultaneous voice and IP data transmissions including video support
• decentralized, auto-forming, true multi-hop MANET network for voice and data
• multiple voice streams in one channel (virtual channels)
• bandwidth saving 250 kHz channel with up to 270 kbit/s data rate in low VHF
• highly secure AES based COMSEC
• native position reporting system (GPS, Galileo, Glonass)
• up to 10 W RF power output (handheld)
• 50 W vehicular amplifier with jerk-and-run support

Frequency range30 – 512 MHz
ModulationFM, AM, CPM
Transmitting power5 W / 10 W burst
Channel bandwidth25 kHz, 250 kHz
WaveformsLOS FM/AM (STANAG 4204/4205)
WF40 (V/UHF MANET WF, native IP capable)
HW20 (VHF EPM WF, IP capable via MIL-STD-188-220)
EncryptionAES based, key length up to 384 bits
GNSS receiverbuilt-in (GPS/Glonass/Galileo)
Data interfacesEthernet, USB, Serial
Mechanical, Climatic and EMC
Dimension incl. battery(74 x 202 x 41) mm
Weight incl. battery0.9 kg
Temperature range-30 °C to +70 °C
MIL-STD-810Flow/high temperature, humidity, low pressure, 1 m immersion, icing / freezing rain, salt fog, sand and dust, vibration, shock, bench handling
MIL-STD-461FCE102, CS101, CS114, RE102, RS103