SENSOR-POINT Cable Sensor System


Our premium microphonic cable sensor system, TDR Sensor Point™ is the newest, most advanced cable-based perimeter fence detection system, designed for applications where the detection of cut or climb attempts is required.

Utilizing time domain reflectometry on an easy to install coaxial cable, TDR Sensor Point™ can detect cut or climb attacks down to a 3 meter resolution.
TDR Sensor Point, using proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms to precisely locate perimeter attacks to within 3 meters whilst calibrated to ignore harmless disturbances caused by wind, rain or traffic.

With a tested coverage area of 300 meters per processor, and a theoretical upper limit of 2000 meters, the TDR Sensor Point system consists of an analyzer and associated cable, as well as cable termination box. Multiple analyzers can be linked via proprietary RS485 bus. Detection zones are set in our Multisys software to easily tailor zoning to suit your facility’s requirements.

The SENSOR-POINT technology uses state of the art time-domain reflectometry to detect vibrations caused in your fence by a perimeter attack. Up to 2000 meters can be covered by a single analyzer.

The SENSOR-POINT Sensor Cable is processed inhouse making it the most sensitive Microphonic cable available. Ultra-violet resistant and robust, flexible stainless-steel conduit is also available. Same cable used as with legacy Flexiguard hardware for backwards compatibility.

Zones can be configured or shunted in the Multisys software in order that the end user can identify visually the location of an attack on their site.

Using APS’ proprietary RS485 protocol, TDR100 “nodes” can be daisy-chained in order to provide a complete network coverage for large sites. Can further be integrated with other APS hardware such as our range of Pulstar Electric Fencing and Flexiguard.

Up to 2000 meters coverage from a single analyzer
Pinpoint perimeter intrusion down to 3 meters resolution
Single conductor coax microphonic cable
Multiple zones configurable via Multisys, unlimited
Zone “shunt” capability

Easy to install, single cable
Easily configured using intuitive Multisys software
Adds location and resolution to PIDS microphonic cable system
Backwards compatible with Flexiguard installs (same cable)
High Detection Rate
Lightweight surface interrogator
Most advanced microphonic perimeter system available