SWIR Cameras


Law enforcement and policing is a 24/7 operation that needs surveillance solutions to match. Silent Sentinel is able to offer a range of cameras and technologies to help you identify intruders, day or night, in order to respond quickly and accurately.

Short Wave IR (SWIR) is a subset of the infrared band in the electromagnetic spectrum, covering the wavelengths ranging from 1.4 to 3 microns. Looking more in-depth, this wavelength is not visible to human eyes. As a result, this can often offer a better image than what is achievable with visible light imaging.

SWIR cameras are capable of delivering clear images, at long ranges and in adverse conditions such as haze, mist, smoke and fog which would typically hinder more traditional visible cameras.

Although SWIR cameras can be used on there own, our SWIR range has been designed to complement our existing portfolio of MWIR/LWIR thermal sensors and optical day/night cameras.

Images produced from the SWIR spectrum are monochrome however, they have similar properties to visible light such as reflection and contrast. This can provide additional target identification capabilities to a multilayer surveillance platform.

Benefits of a SWIR camera include:
– No illumination needed
– Enhanced images in poor weather conditions such as fog, haze and mist
– Effective for identification
– Can be used to see through glass, such as car windscreens
– Complements thermal cameras and can aid thermal cross over scenarios.

Frequent Applications
SWIR camera technology is well suited to applications where very long range surveillance is required, due to the technology’s ability to provide imaging through atmospheric haze. Because of this unique capability, SWIR sensors are well-matched to maritime surveillance and border security type applications.

Multi-sensor Platforms
Furthermore, SWIR is available within our Osiris and Jaegar housings, if you’d like to know more, see our datasheet below or get in touch with the team.