Protection of utilities is paramount, so you need around the clock surveillance cameras – which we can provide.

Fuse daytime cameras with thermal to achieve true understanding of situational awareness on one screen. The technology also helps to understand the context and identify characteristics – useful when you’re on the move.

– Uncooled thermal (LWIR) camera with up to a 100mm fixed lens
– HD 30:1 visible camera
– Wiper
Capable of offering human detection up to 2.20km and vehicle detection up to 6.76km.

– LWIR zoom lenses up to 20-300mm
– Push autofocus as standard
– 12μm pixel pitch
– 640×512, 1024×768 (XGA) or 1280×1024 (HD) resolutions
– Paired with a 500mm or 1000mm HD visible sensor
Thermal human detection up to 9.3km and vehicle detection up to 28.7km.

– Cooled (MWIR) thermal with up to a 900mm zoom lens
– HD visible camera with a 60:1, 16.7-1000mm (33.4 2000mm with the 2x extender) lens
– Wiper
Capable of offering human detection up to 24.17km and vehicle detection up 31.17km.

Thermal Image Fusion
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Fuse daytime camera with thermal, giving you situational awareness on one screen as well as an understanding of context.

Counter UAV
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We’ve joined together with sector leading partners to build a system which detects, tracks, identifies, and mitigates drones.